Monitor your operations and your bottom line

When it comes to Fleet Performance, our platform will tell you everything you need to know to properly manage and track your trucks through central intelligence, vehicle management, vehicle & asset tracking and custom reporting.

Driver Retention

Proactively address driver turnover in your fleet with Trimble’s Driver Retention Analytics. Our platform provides data-driven insights to identify which of your drivers are at risk of leaving and provide you with potential solutions to intervene before they do.

Dashboards & Reporting

Whether it is vehicle health monitoring or safety and compliance solutions, our dashboards and reports aggregate data from each application and provide you with an interactive and complete view of your operations. See trends across your entire fleet to easily spot problems, identify solutions and find and reward drivers that are achieving success.

Vehicle Management

Keeping a pulse on every aspect of your fleet can be very time consuming. PeopleNet Vehicle Management™ provides you with real-time driver and vehicle performance data to help you better manage operating costs and run your fleet more effectively. Keep track of your fleet’s performance, including: speed, RPM, idle time and fuel efficiency through real-time alarms or fully-customizable data downloads to meet your fleet’s specific needs.

Custom Reporting

With PeopleNet Custom Reporting™, users can create their own custom dashboards and reports and access data with an online database connection (ODBC). This allows fleets to create solutions specific to their business needs, going beyond the standard Trimble Dashboard and Report offering. Users can incorporate advanced expressions and functions, external data or API calls within Custom Reporting to create unique and powerful visualizations of their fleet’s data. Custom Reporting also gives users the ability to blend Trimble data with other fleet data to create charts, graphs and analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics uses proprietary statistical tools to measure how different variables—load, distance, idle rate, aerodynamics, vehicle age, driver behaviors and more—affect fuel economy.

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Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Trimble’s Fleet & Asset Trackers provide GPS visibility, event monitoring, and remote asset data on a near-global basis. Ideal for low volume messaging with mission critical data, that provides you with the most cost-effective solutions available for both fixed and mobile applications such as intermodal shipping containers, trailers, buoys and barges.

Driver Utilization Analytics

Trimble’s benchmarking shows you how efficiently your drivers are operating, so you can make informed adjustments and get the most productivity from every hour on the job.

Fuel Theft Detection

Do you have a fuel theft issue? By combining fuel purchase information with tank level data, Trimble can help identify discrepancies across your driver base.

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